I’m Brian, and I’m into food. My grandmother taught me the basics of cooking so early in my life that I can’t actually remember learning them. It looks like she created a monster.

Kitchen Domination is a food blog with no limits. I’ll post almost anything related to food, including cooking basics, recipes, food-related travel and events, and reviews of food-related books. I’m always cooking, and I browse through other food blogs frequently enough that some might label my activities creepy. I page through my ever-bourgeoning stack of cookbooks on a daily basis, and I’m often eating something somewhere, or thinking about eating something somewhere. I watch far too many cooking shows. The point, I think, is that there’s plenty to share.

From learning the complex alchemy involved in a great curry to striving for consistency in producing that simple but perfectly steamed bite of broccoli, cooking and eating can be constantly educational and endless in their possibilities. This remains true for me even though I have spent so much time with both for so many years. I hope that you will join me and share your own thoughts and experiences.


I want a visit to Kitchen Domination to be as positive an experience as possible, so I reserve the right to moderate all comments. Constructive criticism and differing opinions are always welcome; I would never remove comments just because I do not agree with them or because they are critical of a recipe. However, I want to create an environment where these types of things occur in a civil and respectful manner.


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  1. Tracey Gridley

    WOW!! Who knew you were such a foodie. I am so excited to try all your recipes. First on the list is the curry chicken!!

    Site is really nice!

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